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The most critical support is volunteers to assist on-site to feed the people who are in real need of this help.

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We have a purpose-built catering van that is self-sufficient.

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Blankets, tents, clothing (coats, shoes, gloves) waterproof bags etc are most welcome.

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Donations of food, blankets, tents, clothing (coats, shoes, gloves) waterproof bags etc are most welcome.

All donations collected from any direction are fully accountable, and all monies raised goes directly to looking after the homeless in this area.

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'The 3 Pillars - Feeding the homeless Trust' was conceived by Mick Pescod and Ged Dempsey Freemasons from the Province of Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire.


This Charity is run by Freemasons and is a Masonic Charity but friends and anyone who would care to assist are very welcome to join us.

Initially, we undertook a number of trial runs at the car park of the Brewery Tap in Peterborough on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and after 8 weeks we now feed and offer clothing and bedding to over 60 people per night.

our vision.


Our vision is to expand this project geographically and increase the frequency of the support across the Province but first we need to make sure that the model works and can be fully supported.



Donation drop off address.

The Mortgage Brokers Ltd.

Steel Close

Little End Road

Eaton Socon

PE19 8TT

Ring on office bell (9-5) Weekdays.

Please contact us first if you have a large donation as storage space is limited.

Thanks in advance

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what is freemasonry?

The principal objective is to provide for a real need in the community and to bring Freemasonry into public arena where we can make a real difference - 'Freemasonry in the Community'. Freemasonry contributes and significant amount of money to charity for others to dispense, the difference with this project is that it is Freemasons who are doing the work at the sharp end. 

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